Time For An Update!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Time for an update!

Sure hasn't been warming up. Gerry and I finding it hard to go from the nice weather we had while snow birding this Fall/ Winter back to snow still lingering on the ground and cooler temps and grey skies. Even Jake prefers it inside better with his wall fireplace going- or hiding under a blanket somewhere.

We're mostly caught up to alot of thing at home- like Spring cleaning, mail, etc.
Gerry has did an oil change on the RV, we're trying to fix a toilet that got a cracked gasket, having to do a review as well for back splash for the both bathrooms in the RV, (were waiting for it to warm up),  and things are still up in the air about our washer/ dryer combo. Hooked it all up outside the RV first. ( This was the one we bought for cheap in Arizona this winter.) well there is a leak somewhere- the water pump, hose, just a good thing Gerry did the trial run without it being in RV first. So to say the least, it's a project in the works right now.

Planning a trip to Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba and North Dakota to cross the border and pick up some things we can't get here- May we guess- after the busy May long weekend we think will be best.

We were looking at the fence in the yard too, and it's looking bad- and not just needing a paint job but posts and fence boards are rotting. Our neighbor shares this fence as well with us and his side of it looks worst- rotten and bowed.

Fence boards and any home renos can be costly though. Gerry and I were talking that maybe we would just do it in sections over the next few years with tax return money. But I also told him we could jokingly tell our neighbor if he feels like building a new one we're okay with that too. Well guess what?  We did that the other day, and it turns out the neighbor wanted to replace that fence anyhow, and has a friend in the city that works at a lumber store and he can get a discount for our neighbor. So that seems to be the plan now. The neighbor will buy the fence boards, and we will get the posts here in town, help with the work of the fence, and stain it next summer. We feel we got lucky with that one. We just hope he follows through. He's suppose to go to the city possibly next week to see his friend.

I've also started thinking about the rest of the yard. Had been looking at some of the trees in the yard. Some of the newer ones we planted 2 years ago seem to be bare so not sure how they will fair this year. They don't even seem to have buds. And the hedge in the front yard seems to be growing higher on one the sides than the front by the road, but Gerry figures it's possible they get too wet there from water run offs. 

We also took down a shed in the Fall before we left,(above photo) so that area too will have to be covered in with grass seed and we'll see how that takes off. 

The deck ( as shown above) and front step could use a staining too and love those wicker patio sets but the cost is crazy! We'll continue to use our dated set - since it serves the purpose- for now.


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