Moving Along- For Now

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Well things haven't been going too well with the local "teens" in this area... we actually left the area we were in last, after being there for 5 days. 

Kids were coming almost nightly partying, spray painting the tank out there and then Gerry spraying over it, with his own version that camping IS allowed! The sheriff and rangers were out but it still continued. All the under age drinking, the Private Property stickers the kids put up, etc- anything to keep us out of " their" party spot, despite there being a few of us camping on this BLM land.

Gerry and some others may be meeting with the rangers tomorrow. But really, we are disappointed- a nice spot and area outside of town besides all that!

So we're back at Craggy Wash- and staying till after the New Year, till we move along once more.

On another note, I cracked a molar- yes, ouch! But on a good note it was a tooth that already had a root canal so I'm not in terrible pain, but it is a BIG crack. Went to dentist today- $130 ( CDN) for a check up and xray, for the dentist to tell me he probably couldn't fill it.. and didnt really want to pull it. Other choice? A crown which costs $1500 USD! So we're seriously planning on going to Mexico to get it done- where it only costs under $150 there! Stay tuned!


  1. I would have gone to the dentist in Mexico first, rather than seeing a dentist in the States. I have had a root canal and a crown done in Mexico and I am totally happy with it and at a fraction of the cost. We will never again go to a dentist in either Canada or the States ever again, they are a rip off in our mind.


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