What Are Your Options For Making This Holiday Season Even More Memorable?

Monday, December 4, 2017

Most of us have very fond memories of the holiday period, especially from our childhood. We remember that one present that made us feel so happy (at least for the day) and the food that we shared. Most importantly, we remember the people we were with. We remember the games we played, and we treasure those few memories of times spent with family members no longer with us. But what is it that makes those tiny moments so enormously memorable?

There are always going to be moments in your life that you will lean upon during tough times. And there will be others that you treasure because you simply can’t ever recreate them again. Of course, we all have the chance to make every second count. And the holiday period is one of the perfect times to do that. There will be gifts, gathering, and giggles galore. But you can add even more to the mix to make sure this holiday will be the one everyone remembers for a lifetime:

The Senses
To help moments stick in the mind for longer, you need to stimulate all the senses. It’s not known exactly why, but the sense of smell can be a big part of making memorable memories. Smelling an aroma again years later can trigger the memory of something that happened long ago. Consider the scents you want for your home during the holiday period. There are plenty to choose from. You might even have a different one for each room. Why not change them for the different events you have happening at home?

There are plenty of tastes that we only experience at this time of the year. We tend to associate tastes with particular meals we had, and it can help us to remember lots of details about it. We might recall who was there, and even where we sat. Perhaps you associate that flavor with a particular feeling? Your eyes and ears help record experiences, both good and bad. This is why we can recall arguments as well as we recall the first time we saw our newborn baby cry. Fill the day with your favorite festive tunes, and bring out all your decorations to tantalize the eyes.

The Gifts
Each of us remembers unwrapping at least one special gift in our lifetime. To make your gifts extra memorable this year, you might pick something that the recipient most desperately desires. This evokes strong feelings in that person and helps to make the moment more pleasurable and memorable. You might choose to personalize or customize each of the gifts you give this year. Places like can provide holiday-themed options for each member of your family. Themed gifts can also work here. You’ll all remember the year each of you received that same gift.

Gifts that are engaging or likely to be used again and again can help make the holidays even more memorable. Food and drink are often gone on the same day, so we rarely remember those types of gifts. But the iPad we use every day, or the perfume we spray every day helps us to recall the best bits of the day we received them. Think about gifts that are deeply meaningful or personalized or ones they’ll often use in a positive way.

The Event
Turning your holidays into a big event is another way to make them more memorable. Most experiences stay with us. In fact, the more unusual they are compared to a regular day, the better. What can you mix up or change this year? How can you make the day more of an occasion? You might change the order of what happens this year. Or perhaps you will all go to a different venue for the day? Why not add something new to the activities that normally occur? Taking something out of the regular schedule might not have the same effect.

Anything that happens, in the same way, each time can be changed to make it stand out in your mind. It might be a surprise, or it might be something you’ve been talking about for ages. Sometimes it can be something you didn’t even plan, like a big change in the weather or an unexpected guest turns up. Whatever it is, try to make it a positive thing. Negative or unpleasant memories can hang around just as long as the good ones.

The People
The people at your holiday get-together will also be responsible for how memorable the day might become. You might even choose to mix up the group dynamic a bit for that very purpose. Generally speaking, we tend to spend this time with the same people every year. Family and close friends are the most important people in our lives, so these are the people we want to be with. But guests can often become unpredictable. After all, there is usually alcohol and sugary foods around!

Consider inviting a very special guest to the holiday party this year. It should be someone that the other guests have deep feelings for. It might be a celebrity, a rarely seen relative, or an individual with plenty of great stories to tell. Invite someone lonely and encourage all the guests to spend a bit of time with them. Perhaps you’ll hire a chef to cook for everyone? Or maybe a musician to entertain everyone? Why not bring over an interior designer to set up all the decorations?

The Memories

We’re all different, and we all experience our holidays in different ways. We also take different things from the day. Some feel nostalgic, others comforted by the people they’re with. Others (particularly the kids) delight in receiving gifts or eating lots of sweet foods. There are plenty of options for making this holiday period even more memorable than the rest. Which will you choose for this year?

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