Saturday, April 22, 2017

Where There's Smoke, There's Fire!

Gerry was using his angle grinder to cut some metal and sparks were a flying he said!
All of a sudden he started feeling some heat on his leg, and then smelled something burning. When he looked down he saw it was his jacket on fire! Note to self he said: "Wear flame retardant clothing when grinding metal or welding!"

April 22nd is Earth Day

April 22 we'll be celebrating Earth Day globally where more than 1 billion people from over 193 countries around the world will be actively participating in programs to make our planet a cleaner and safer place to live while helping to preserve the beauty of our planet by participating in cleanup programs in parks and roadways; learning how to better reduce, reuse and recycle our very valuable resources.

Earth Day activities and events are planned throughout cities around the globe for people to participate in and support of environmental initiatives to protect our planet.

Large companies and corporations are also doing their part as well to make this world a better place. Products like:

Honest Tea -

Honest Tea creates a range of great-tasting, organic beverages in a variety of flavors using USDA Organic-certified with sustainable ingredients and fair-trade certified cane sugar and tea. With a range of flavors and product lines, that includes Honest Tea, Honest Sport, and Honest Kids, there is something for everyone—including several unsweetened options and others that are just a tad sweet!