Monday, April 24, 2017


Two berries are better than one, and the chefs at Felix Jam, the most popular lingonberry jam in Sweden and the USA, greet the first strawberries of spring with a special recipe for No-Bake Strawberry-Lingonberry Pie. Full of juicy strawberries with a tart-sweet lingonberry glaze and a crunchy chocolate cookie crust, this pie looks just as fantastic as it tastes!

No-Bake Lingonberry-Strawberry Pie

2 cups crushed chocolate graham crackers (approx. 10 oz.)
4 ounces bittersweet chocolate, finely chopped
3 teaspoons canola oil
Cooking spray
6 ounces 1/3-less-fat cream cheese, softened
1/3 cup powdered sugar
3/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 cups frozen low-fat whipped topping, thawed
2 tablespoons lingonberry jam
1/2 teaspoon fresh lemon juice
1 pound small strawberries, hulled and cut in half

Place cookies in food processor; process until finely ground. Place chopped chocolate in small microwave-safe bowl. Microwave at 50 percent power (to prevent burning) for 45 seconds or until chocolate melts, stirring every 15 seconds. Add melted chocolate and oil to food processor; process until well combined. Gently press mixture into bottom and up sides of 9” pie plate or removable-bottom tart pan coated with cooking spray. Place in freezer 15 minutes or until set.

Place cream cheese, sugar, and vanilla in a medium bowl; beat with mixer at medium speed until smooth. Fold in whipped topping. Carefully spread over bottom of crust. Freeze for 30 minutes before serving. (Or freeze overnight and thaw 30 mins before serving).
Before serving: place Felix Lingonberries in large microwave-safe bowl; microwave on HIGH 10 seconds until softened. Add lemon juice; stir with whisk until smooth. Add strawberry halves; toss to combine, then arrange over pie. 

Felix has been bringing Swedish lingonberries to the American table for over 50 years. Lingonberries were recommended on the Dr. Oz Show as a super fruit with antioxidant benefits.  Felix Jams are made with pure, simple ingredients: hand-picked lingonberries, pure sugar and water, in a time-tested recipe.  Available at suggested retail price of $5.99 for 10 ounces; $7.49 for 14.5 ounces.

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Financial #Success : The Recipe

There is no one thing that leads to financial success in our everyday lives. We can think that coming into money or winning the lottery will cure all of our money woes, but for most folks that just isn't going to happen! In fact, even for folks that it does happen to, it doesn't always solve their problems, as they are still not treating their money in the right way! That is why you should think about financial success as more of a melting pot of different skills that lead to the same outcome. Read on to find out what they are.

Facing the truth

The number one ingredient or skill that you need for financial success is being able to face hard truths. But why is this important? Well, it’s because its all too easy to get yourself into a deeper and deeper hole with your finances, if you ignore what is happening.

In fact, it almost impossible to get yourself out of debt unless you first look openly and objectively at the situation. Yes, this can be painful. Yes, you can end up blaming yourself for getting into debt.

But these are the hard truths that you need to face up to do something about this situation. If you choose to bury your head in the sand like an ostrich, then nothing will improve, and you will never attain financial success!


Asking for help
The next key ingredient that you need for personal financial success is the ability to ask for help. Sounds easy doesn't it, but for many of us our pride and egos get in the way, and we end up struggling alone with things that we are totally confused about, making ours lives even harder.

But if you are doing that then it's time to stop! Instead, look around for a specialist to help advise your with the financial issue you are dealing with like a tax attorney specializing in OIC, OVPD, and the IRS
or an accountant familiar with your field.


Remember the goal is here is to be personally financially successful, not to be able to do all of your own calculations, or know the ins and outs of complicated tax law. So keep that in mind next time you're tempted to try and solve every problem yourself.


The next ingredient on the recipe for financial success is being able to budget. No that doesn't mean that you have to be a maths wizard! You don't need to know any algebra, trigonometry or loci!

In fact, all you need to be able to do is find some way of recording what is coming into your account and what is going out. With the aim of this to make these two things at least balance. Or, if possible, to have the inside higher than the outside. As then you will be earning more than you are spending.


Now you can if you like spend hours devising your own spreadsheets in excel to do this. But a better use your time and resources is going to be to modify a preexisting one like this. Remember in budgeting simple is better, so don't try and over complicated things where you don't need to.

Off To Pastures New? How To Move House For Less

When you mention to friends and family that you’re moving house, it’s common to be greeted with a mixture of congratulatory comments and sympathetic glances. Moving is such an exciting prospect, but buying property and relocating all your possessions is an upheaval, and it can also be a very pricey business. If you’re off to pastures new, here are some tips to help you move for less.

If you’re on the lookout for a new home, whether you’re buying or renting, it’s always good to have a budget in mind. Don’t just pluck a figure out of the air and try and find something close to it. Do some considered research, and work out what you can afford. When you’re buying, you’ll need to consider additional taxes and fees. When you’re renting, you may need to cover the cost of administration fees when you sign a contract. Make sure you have all the information you need before you make any decisions. You should be aware of exactly how much it’s going to cost you to buy the property or sign a rental agreement before you take the next step.

Negotiation is key when it comes to moving house. You can try and reduce the price you pay for the property, but it’s also wise to shop around when it comes to legal representation. If you’re in a strong position, make sure you use this to drive the discussions. If you’re a cash buyer or you’ve already sold your home, for example, this could help you to get a better deal on your new home. If you’re not confident in your haggling abilities, this article may come in useful

Shop around
If you’re considering using a removals firm, shop around, compare prices and read reviews. If you search online, you’ll find local companies, and you can contact them to see how much they charge and what packages they offer. Check out websites like to get some ideas. You’ll pay more for services like packing and unpacking, but it may be worth doing this if it saves you taking time off work and you’re self-employed, for example. If you don’t want to pay extra for packing, call in some favors from your friends and family.

Moving house also offers a great opportunity to try and save money on energy bills and phone and broadband services. Resist the temptation to make life easier by transferring all your contracts over to your new home. Instead, spend a bit of time online comparing deals and looking at offers that are open to new customers. Firms often go all-out to attract new clients, and you may find that you get a much better offer if you do switch to a new provider.

Buying a house and moving can be an expensive affair. If you’re on the lookout for a new pad or you’re preparing to pack up all your belongings, bear these tips in mind, and hopefully, you’ll be able to move for less.