What's New? August 26

Sunday, August 26, 2018

33 years ago today, I gave birth to my oldest daughter, Ria.  Happy Birthday, Ria- hope your day is wonderful like you!

Our girls are both gone now- Ria spent a few weeks here then went to visit a friend in Alberta, as well as made a trip with her sister to Nfld to visit with her dad, step mom and gramma. Then Ria and Erika both returned here and spent another week.

                                     Our girls- Erika and Ria

We finally got our windshield on our RV done. Was $100 deductible, and at same time the glass guy fixed a few stone chips that Erika had on her SUV while she was here, for free. But Gerry also helped him put the window in our RV so guess a bit of a trade off.

Our weather has cooled off quite a bit. Lots of rain and very little sun. Raspberries are done, tomatoes too. Just have the carrots left. I'm glad we are blessed that we can afford to go south every year. Winters are so cold and long up north here. We are looking forward to traveling to new places again. The weather has been so wonky though all over the world that one has to be careful as well and always keep up with that too.

Seen another mass shooting has happened in today's news. When will it end?

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