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Sunday, August 5, 2018

We're having a 2 week break from "daughter" company. Ria had been staying with us for the last 3 weeks, and now off to see a friend in Alberta, before heading to meet her sister in Calgary, and flying to Nfld to see their dad for a week. Then it will be back here, the 2 of them, Erika's boyfriend and the fur-babies, for another week. Since Ria and I both share August birthdays, we'll have cake and all, before she leaves to go back south late August. 

Haven't picked up much for change over the last 2 months- been very "dry". Maybe have .35 so just still letting it add up.

Been doing some sprucing up in the RV and any other things that need doing before we leave this Fall once again. I added some curtains behind our couch in there, to give more of a living room look.

I wanted to change some fixtures in one of the washrooms as they are dated, but have not found anything in our small town, nor online, nor for a price I am willing to pay. We are still keeping a lookout for a shower surround but finding something that fits in the spot we need it tough, so we'll just keep an  eye open still. 

Gerry is down to partial days and hours with the lawn cutting he had started on with this summer. He lost quite a bit of weight with sweating it out, but it got to be too hard on him, and he went to a using a riding mower and only doing the bigger areas, and not mower pushing. It's half the money he was bringing in when he started but easier on him, and nicer for us that he's home by noon rather than gone ALL day.

We decided on no summer getaway this year. The cost of gas is just too much for the RV and we'll only be going in another 2 months or so. It's hard to justify the cost of gas Gerry said, for a week long trip. 

There's been alot of vandalism around our town, and not long ago, it got some media attention, when some racist slurs were made online. Our town is 3 miles to this other town that gets alot of vandalism but we have been lucky that we have been spared so to speak. People are frustated. It's a daily thing and only has gotten worst over the past 2 years.

I am looking for anyone getting rid of cents off coupons for Canada or the USA- If you email me @ I can let you know where you can send any extras too. Can always use them and welcome any you can spare!

Gerry has added another section of the fence to what we were building. Slow and steady so it's not a one time big expense. Our neighbour split the cost of the first section but we are waiting to see if he will help out with anymore, since we share the fence. 

I'm not sure my sunflowers will see head this year before the Fall... they are slow coming- but I may have also planted them too late. Tried my hand at a non - pectin blueberry jam that turned out wonderful! 

The raspberry bushes are doing well- some of them anyhow. Had a few tomatoes on the tomato plant, carrots are also being slow, and rhubarb transplants are also on their way to a good grow. We're not sure about the strawberry plant. It may have had something go wrong with it as the fruit was a nasty bitter taste.. so Gerry planted it instead in the yard in new soil. We'll see what happens.

We're keeping busy though, as always and feeling blessed that we haven't been hit with any of the bad weather/ fires that alot of other areas are seeing. We hope your having a nice summer and that things are doing well with everyone.

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