5 Tips to Reduce Your Legal Costs During a Divorce

Monday, November 16, 2020

Divorce is never pleasant. Unfortunately, things don’t always work out as planned, and not all marriages end with a happily ever after.

Divorce proceedings can get expensive, and you might end up paying more to split from your partner than it cost to get hitched in the first place. If you’ve reached a point of no return, there are ways you and your ex can save on the split.

Here are our top tips on how to reduce costs during divorce proceedings.

If it Can Be Amicable

If you don’t need to involve lawyers, don’t. Mediation is a much more affordable option, and if the decision to end the marriage is mutual, it might be the better route to take.

With this type of proceeding, you’ll be communicating directly with each other, deciding how to split assets. If you can determine who gets what yourselves, you don’t need to pay a legal team to figure it out for you.

Additionally, the cost of hiring a mediator is much lower than getting a legal professional.

If it Can’t Be Amicable

Sometimes an amicable split just isn’t possible. In that case, weigh your options carefully. If things need to go to court, bills are going to stack up. Make sure you’re prepared for what that entails and that it’s worth the fight.

Therapy vs. Legal Advice

According to Diamond and Diamond Lawyers, you should be getting personalized service from your attorney. However, that doesn’t make them your new best friend. It might be tempting to spill your innermost feelings and regrets to your attorney but try to avoid getting that personal.

Remember, this is your lawyer and not your therapist. A qualified psychiatrist will charge you a lot less per session than your legal advisor will, so bare your heart to the right professional.

Associates and Paralegals

You don’t necessarily need a partner to represent your case. Instead, ask if there’s an associate that can help you; they charge less but are still capable of handling your divorce.

You can also request that paralegals assist with the research, or hire one yourself. If you involve these individuals in the process, you’ll save quite a bit on fees.

Organize Financial Records

The most significant part of a divorce is sorting out the finances. The less time your legal team needs to spend figuring out your financial records, the more you save.

If you can keep detailed, accurate, and organized documents, you can cut down on the time it takes your attorney to understand your finances. That, in turn, saves you money on legal fees.

To Summarize

There’s no way to prepare for a divorce, with or without a prenup. Aside from the emotional impact, there’s various assets, finances, and legal fees to consider.

If you and your partner can split amicably, opt for mediation rather than a legal process. If going to court is unavoidable, try to save by hiring associates or paralegals. Organize your financial documents before approaching your lawyer to save on time. Finally, remember that your attorney is there for legal advice, not therapy.

By remembering these five tips, you can cut down on your divorce costs.

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