Jake's Found Another Favorite- Totally Raw Pet Food

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Thank you to the Totally Raw Pet Food company of Nova Scotia, who we partnered with for a review of their packaged dehydrated treats. Jake loves them! We don't feed him cheaper dog treats, and you know the ones- they are cheap and for good reason. Not even sure what the ingredients are when you turn over the bag, and do you turn over the bag? Because if you don't know what those ingredients are in your pet's food, should you really be feeding them it? The owners can also tell you their own story about their Daisy, who's dog health problems turned around when they began feeding her more natural foods.

We always search out the natural brands, and the ones most close to "real" as possible, and Totally Raw Pet Food are just that! Natural and free of preservatives. Jake tried the Beef Liver, the Beef Lung and the Wild Atlantic Capelin and loved them all! There was no nose turn ups or second guessing either..I gave them to him to try and he just  loved them. I even thought the capelin were kinda cute ! 

Their site carries cat food, supplements, and pet shampoo and a few stores carry their products as well. It's also nice that I see my local Canadian Tire store carries the treats so we can pick up at any time. The quality is definitely there and we'll be sure to come back and try other products of theirs as well.

Looking for more information?

Check out their E-Book below for some great information, tips and frequently asked questions about raw feeding!

Totally Raw E-Book: A Guide to Starting a Raw Diet

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