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Friday, April 16, 2021

It's been almost 2 weeks since we have gotten our first dose of the Moderna vaccine. Our older daughter has been staying with us since last summer, but she is not old enough to get a vaccine and is still has to wait. We were told we will have to wait till it is announced that we can get the second dose, although with hearing about side effects, I am in no hurry. I would like to hear if you have gotten the vaccine, which one, how many doses have you had and how, or if you had a reaction.

We bought a used car a few weeks ago- a 2014 Ford Fusion. We were looking for something we could tow behind the RV this year, since we had sold the SUV. Although  I have another older car, it is too rusted up underneath to add a base plate to it to tow, and our truck has too much weight. Now we find out we cant get a base plate for the newer car to tow it, as they aren't made for that make/model,  and have to buy a dolly. Already have a used one lined up to buy. Trying to see our older tow bar and tow defender, but it's not so easy to sell . Not like it's something everyone wants one of!  LOL-  We will out the older car up for sale once our daughter leaves.

I don't know about you but I am finding the price of groceries getting crazier all the time. We are feeding 3 adults and a dog that I swear can out me! I think we all need any grocery saving tips we can get. Living in the north as we do, doesn't help either. We are an isolated community and pay the price for it. No Dollar Store here for us, Costco, etc.. so we do our best. The folks at Urban Tastebud offer 84 simple ways to help you save money on groceries .

Looking for still more ways to save? Look no further than The FinancialVerse Guide to Savings – 600 Practical Cash Saving Ideas (US $16.99 print and US $3.99 eBook, written by personal finance author Harry N. Stout, showing consumers where to look for savings and discounts — helping to keep more cash in your pockets and freeing more budget dollars to purchase the goods and services you need.

The FinancialVerse Guide to Savings: 600 Cash Savings Ideas can be ordered from the FinancialVerse  website and through Amazon and major book distributors.

Harry N. Stout is a published author and former senior executive for several large financial services companies.  He has over thirty years of experience in all aspects of personal finance.  He is acknowledged as a national personal finance thought leader and has written for numerous financial publications and participated in national media of all types. 

And another great book that is an interesting read is How to Live Like a MILLIONAIRE When You're a Million Short .

How to Live Like a MILLIONAIRE When You're a Million Short is a breezy, information-packed guide that features all kinds of money-saving tips on shopping & fashion, health & beauty, entertainment & travel, home d├ęcor and more.
Many of the tips include getting things for FREE, such as how to get your hair done at upscale salons for free, how to get clothes, household items and furniture discounted or  free, and once things open up again, how to go to live theatre for free, and even how to spend six nights at a four-star resort in Spain for FREE!
There are so many ways for people to save money, while still having fun.  How to Live Like a MILLIONAIRE When You're a Million Short can help people save thousands of dollars and enjoy life more... all year long!

Readers Find Out How To: 

 • Go to expensive restaurants for ¼ the price 
 • Wear a $2,000 dress for $50

 • Get prescription drugs for less than with insurance
 • Find money you didn't know you have 
 • Travel, dine, and shop for next to zero


In How to Live Like a MILLIONAIRE When You’re a Million Short, bestselling author Marilyn Anderson reveals the secrets of how she does it and how readers can, too!


There is a ton of valuable information in a warm and witty style which adds up to a wonderful “how-to” book with a humorous flair.

How to Live Like a MILLIONAIRE When You're a Million Short was featured in Forbes and USA Weekly and won an Award from the Book Publicists of Southern California as the Best Book on Saving Money & Living Well of the Year!

It is available in paperback at Amazon and other stores and as an ebook through Amazon Kindle.


Amazon link:


Marilyn Anderson is a bestselling author, produced playwright, and award-winning writer for film and TV.  She is writer-producer of the family film, How to Beat a Bully. On TV, she wrote for Murphy Brown, FAME, Sherman Oaks, Friday the 13th – the Series, and Carol & Company, starring Carol Burnett, Jeremy Piven, and Richard Kind. Marilyn is the author of the personal finance book, “How to Live Like a MILLIONAIRE When You’re a Million Short.  It was featured in Forbes and USA Weekly, and won an award as the Best Book on Saving Money & Living Well of the Year.  Marilyn’s humorous relationship book, "NEVER KISS A FROG: A Girl’s Guide to Creatures from the Dating Swamp,” is published in 10 countries. She is the writer-producer of two Web Series based on her books, and she co-authored the new mystery-thriller novel, Dishonor Thy Father.

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