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Saturday, July 3, 2021

Another hot day! Put some water out for the birds in the yard and the fox that come around in the back- behind our place.

Saw one raven today that didn't even want to fly- just sat on the side of the road with his beak open- poor thing! Jakey goes out to do his business and I don't let him stay out too long- it's just too hot! How is the weather in your town city- and are you facing the heatwave as well? On another note about the heat, I was mortified to read about this poor dog

Picked up a cake today - a day past Canada Day- could NOT believe that it was regular $11.99 for this cake! I would NOT have paid that. We don't find clearance items too often. Alot of food is donated I believe, at our grocery store to the food bank- but the odd time the bakery does have some items reduced. Walmart used to have more, but not so much anymore- it's all a game to go searching for the clearance and I don't always have the time.

Getting my hair cut today- after 4 months! Gerry goes tomorrow.  I am still waiting till next week to get my roots done, as they were too busy to fit me in for both. It's been a long wait! All because of the Covid lock downs.

Our bathroom vanity top arrived today- was very impressed that I ordered it from Home Depot online- was shipped from Ontario and came all this way to Saskatchewan- luckily NOT broke, and we had free shipping! We will be painting the medicine cabinet and vanity instead of getting new ones.. as they are sooo expensive. Cheaper to paint. Should be able to sell the older top too from the other one and pick up a few bucks for that as it's still in good shape. Here is the photo of the new top.. putting Gerry to work again!

This one wasn't too happy about.. besides paying two taxes, also have to pay a levy fee on this tire- too many fees!

And this Summer , reduce harmful substances in tap water,  improve water taste and odor of your home drinking water. Enjoy Waterdrop, the water filter pitcher that will  provide fresh, tasting water to the whole family!


  1. It was around 90F here in Alabama today, very hot but not what others are going through. I love the cake. Yes, bargains are hard to find somedays.

    1. Yes - we find the low 70's are doable at best. Thank you for following..


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