5 Great Smartphone Games to Accompany You on Your Next Trip Away

Tuesday, November 9, 2021


You might be travelling to Queenslands Gold Coast or heading to Las Vegas for a memorable weekend away, only for boredom to set in along the way. Thankfully, that’s where the modern-day smartphone can come in handy with its ability to house an extensive selection of new and improved games.


The titles people access via a smartphone device have come on leaps and bounds, particularly in recent times. Former classics, such as Snake and Tetris, are now firmly in the past after being replaced with dramatically improved gaming options from a wide variety of genres. For example, console gamers can now enjoy a range of games that have jumped over to mobile, perhaps even elevating the experience further by adding a joystick to their smartphone setup. Likewise, casino gamers can access a huge selection of themed slots or classic table games after depositing money using well-known and reputable brands. Essentially, smartphone gaming is easier than ever before, and the games in which we can access have never been to such a high standard.


Due to the ongoing improvements made in the smartphone games we can surf the web for and download on both iOS and Android, smartphone gaming as an all-round entertainment option has risen to prominence. The gaming options available make for the ideal travel companion in times of need, too. With that in mind, below is a look at five of the best smartphone games to download for your next vacation.


Angry Birds 2


You’ve probably heard of Angry Birds before, although you might not necessarily be aware that there’s a second installment of the iconic game now available to download on mobile. Essentially serving up the same shooting birds at angry pigs scenario as previously, except with new and improved levels, Angry Birds 2 is a fun and entertaining game to pass the time.


Genshin Impact


With its stunning visuals and gorgeous graphics, Genshin Impact is a delight to sample. Compared to Zelda: Breath of the Wild, this action-RPG which is based in a fantasy world is free to play and offers smartphone gamers with a truly fantastic mobile gaming experience. In fact, Genshin Impact is the perfect game to play which illustrates just how far smartphone gaming has come.


Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is all about exploring an outdoor environment and immersing yourself in nature as you aim to track down rare Pokemon, fill up your Pok√©dex, take down gyms, complete quests, and trade Pokemon with fellow trainers along the way. Given its offering, it’s, therefore, the ideal game to take on your travels. Depending on where you are in the world, the game will certainly keep you busy.


Brawl Stars

A mobile-first battle royale epic, Brawl Stars is another smartphone title that has risen up the mobile gaming ranks in recent times. Offering bundles of chaos and the all-round action gamers love to enjoy, the game specializes in 3v3 combat over multiple game modes. As you master your brawl game, you can unlock and upgrade different characters, complete a huge selection of quests, find new locations, and a whole lot more.


Grid Autosport

In terms of a mobile racer, you’ll struggle to find a better game than Grid Autosport and its superb product. One of the best racing games ever to have graced the smartphone gaming space, Grid Autosport is a full classic console racer that has made the transition over to mobile rather beautifully. The game is fast, fun and full of action.


Other options include Candy Crush Friends Saga, Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time, and Words With Friends 2. 

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