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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

I must say I really dislike the fact that our clocks turned back and it's so much darker now, earlier. The sky is already giving us less blue to it daily, and winter is closing in, with news today of winter storms appearing all around us. This has been one of the reasons we had always gone south for the winter when we could go. We missed the last year or two that we didn't go, and were looking forward to this year when we heard the border to the USA was opening. Unfortunately, and for now, we weren't able to head south. We believe due to a doctor's negligence, and misdiagnoses on a couple issues of my husband's, he may have been given the wrong medication that caused some issues for him we are trying to work out and have him tested for. But until all the tests come back, I can't say for sure. It's a wait game while we wait . At this moment though he cannot travel. Hoping for a speedier recovery from all this and I ask that you add Gerry to your prayers please.

The food prices are sure enough to make me cringe- yet glad I am not feeding a big family. I must say the prices in the USA were cheaper -and we sure miss that. Miss the fresher food and the dollar stores too!  Having our dollar equal to 80 cents had been good too for this year. Gas prices though haven't been good, and we had filled up with propane and gas - as we had intentions to leave- and that was $415! Traveling with a 37' RV though does cost for gas for sure.

I see the cost of bacon like they had said, was going to be going up, did. I laughed when I saw a package today that said sale- $7.50! Sale?? Geesh! It's cheaper if you buy bacon ends- this package was $4.50 and more meat on it than what I would get in a most regular bacon packs once it cooks up!

I'm not sure what this month will bring for us- higher bills -LOL.. now that the furnace is on more and we are using more power.. but it was quite nice this Halloween to see no snow here. And still no snow, but the temperatures are dropping fast, and even Jake the dog would rather hibernate inside where it's warm than to go outside. I'd rather be walking, seeing the blue sky again, and just getting outdoors more. Will keep my fingers crossed for Gerry to get some test results back to figure out what's happening, get treated, and perhaps- head away from this soon to be- Winter Wonderland.


  1. Hi Monique, I hope Gerry and yourself get to go south this year. I am keeping both of you in my nightly prayers.


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