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Thursday, December 2, 2021

We are still here in Canada. Never got away as of yet for the winter and may look like we will be here till at least after Christmas . Waiting for Gerry to get an angiogram in the city. Had one test a few weeks ago and then a stress test he failed. Waiting list of 2 months for this one,  at the least I think- and have called to put him on cancellation list as well. He is on meds to keep everything at bay for now. Shortness of breath, chest pains. More than likely caused by meds given to him that this all started giving him problems 2 months ago and only progressed. He was also having stomach issues and found by having a CT he has diverticulosis. Something that was also misdiagnosed by same doctor- and for over  a year! He was lucky it never developed in diverticulitis! Needless to say he has a new doctor! It's the waiting that's been the worst to see if the heart issue is a blockage or damage from the pills he was given, and causing the heart to spam now. Stay tuned... will let you all know as soon as we get the appt looked after. In the meantime he's taken up puzzles !

Now that we are home for Christmas, (and I was really bummed about staying here for Winter, and didn't even want to "do Christmas"), I have changed my mindset, and we brought the Christmas decor in and will make the most of the holiday season, here in northern Saskatchewan. 

And if I haven't shared this recipe before- these Almond Joy Cookies are to die for- although I had no almonds so used crushed pecans instead- and recipe can be adjusted on site to make smaller batches. 

I haven't really did much for Christmas baking this year either as it's just Gerry and I, and have to think how much do we need it?? Especially with him being on a diet change for his diverticulosis. Have you started your Christmas baking? Is the tree up? Do you hang stockings? We don't hang stockings... no place really to hang them and would be more to buy- and we haven't even really even started our regular shopping yet.  Time stops for no one for sure.

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