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Sunday, December 12, 2021

Christmas is coming! Are you ready?

Got the tree up, and a box of food for the food bank...

and paid $4.99 for each for these:

even Gerry was being funny with Jake's ( our dog)  holiday tie he got with his hair cut, but did NOT want it we had a good laugh over Gerry putting it on!

Had to go for a left hip and right shoulder xray- so should have results back mid next week. Not sure if it's arthritis in both areas or what so had it checked out. Already have lumbar spinal stenosis, so the hip could have something to do with that. The shoulder- maybe pulled a muscle.. or arthritis as well.. will see I guess

Sad what happened in Kentucky, Illinois and those states. Natural disasters all over it seems. Prayers to those effected in any way. Many are thinking of you...

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