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Sunday, January 16, 2022

The days sure seem to get away on me. I wish the time would have went by as fast while I was in school! It's been a long winter and cannot wait till it's warmed up enough that we can take our RV out . Gerry still needs to go for his angiogram, and because we didn't do anything all winter, my hurt back only seemed to have gotten worst. With the cold and the lack of walking like I usually did all summer and most of Fall till things went bad with him. I started on back pills as I couldn't sleep in the bed without getting out and getting back spasms, and besides the lumbar stenosis, have a swollen and bruised back which pulls more to one side. Have tried pills, and creams and exercises.. Even expensive Reikki treatments- which I find were very short lived, in terms of doing much. I had held out hope. Tried heat, try cold, everything! Tomorrow I am getting a virtual physio session from a physical therapist from the city. I am booked for a one hour session for $120. I was suppose to go to the one at the hospital in town, but a week has gone by and been no call for me. I even called the hospital myself and left messages with no calls back. On Tuesday I have an in person doctor visit. I do know I have the lumbar stenosis but it's more trying to figure out the bruise, the lump and the jolts I get in my back without back pills. I also have a rotary cuff injury that's been lingering with me for at least 3 weeks. Some days were most frustrating.. and let me tell you, aging sucks! My poor mom as well has been waiting and waiting for a hip replacement, and suffers daily. With the backlog due to Covid, when will they ever catch up?? If anyone has lumbar stenosis, or had a rotary cuff injury I would love to hear from you.

For now we haven't been doing much but waiting for winter to be over- and in up north Canada, it takes a bit longer than everywhere else to go away!

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