Review: My Magic Carpet Washable Rug

Thursday, February 10, 2022

We have a guest bedroom/ spare room just off the rest of the trailer, and despite it having heat running into it, it is a colder room.  We have laminate flooring in there. Our daughter was spending time in there when she was visiting and always said it was cold. This winter Gerry set up a table in there and started doing puzzles. I noticed , and him, when being in that room and sitting at the table, that the floor was cold. I said we need a rug in this room...keep the floor a bit warmer when a person is in here. Even somewhere for Jake to lie on when he is in the room.

This is where My Magic Carpet Washable Rug came into the picture. We found this 5 x 7 one- called the Sotho Beige Washable Rug. Machine washable, stain resistant  and non slip. Pet friendly, and could even be used outdoors if we wanted. We love our rug and so does Jake!

The site has many colors of rugs in all shapes and sizes.. you can have a rug for every room!

Learn more about what makes these carpets magic! Magic Carpets 


  1. I have wondered how these rugs are as I have been looking for something like this in our entryway!


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