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Saturday, February 12, 2022

Feeling a tired today. Too many pills for my back I guess. Have had alot of issues with it all winter still. Know I have the lumbar stenosis but also waiting for a CT scan this month or next, since my back has been so sore and I get spasms too. Have been buying different things to "try" to see what offers comfort and what doesn't- from chairs to vitamins and everything in between. Sleeping has been the worst. I even thought of an adjustable bed but they are just sooo expensive. So Gerry put some pillows under the mattress itself to elevate, and we are going to try with that elevated at that end first, see how it goes, before moving on possibly to lifting the leg end too, for help with bad veins and leg aches for me.

I also had made the mistake of trying a percussion gun on my back side and ended up hurting myself more. Be careful when using these. Depending on your condition, it's easy to end up hurting more than you started with! Same thing happened to me with physio. Hurt more after session. So now I am waiting for the CT scan- see for sure what is going on and treat according.

Had to get us some new phones. Well refurbished I guess. But will still end up costing more cause the plans we had were older when we had the old phones. I dropped mine in water and just couldn't get it to work right again after that. We will be getting $30 each for our old ones on trade in.

And another oh no moment! Our shower in RV cracked again! Must have been cause it was glued and so cold over the winter and so next time will have to maybe screw to the wall. Its a good thing this second one wasn't a full surround but puck-board..but still about $40 down the tubes.. so have to try again to fix.

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