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Saturday, March 5, 2022

How has everyone been doing?

My anxiety really has been a challenge over this Winter with so much going on with both Gerry and myself's health. Then add to a winter past of more Covid rules, price increases with everything and now what is happening in the Ukraine. So unbelievable what is happening can be happening- I never thought in this day and age one man could control so much with so little being done to stop this madness.  (I am of Ukrainian nationality and Gerry is Polish.) We pray for peace and an end to all the despair and loss of lives.

The troubles with my pulled back muscles I had all winter seemed to have been replaced with very painful Costochondritis (kos-toe-kon-DRY-tis). Problem is- its been hard to get in to see a good doctor with only maybe 5 of them in town. I thought I was seeing one that was good till he dropped the ball and just wanted to run more tests and have me wait longer. Despite me telling him I have had this before. Then one drops a doctor and has to wait a few more weeks to see another and self medicate in the meantime. From having the back problems to this, my anxiety has still been running high, but I am trying my hardest to stay away from doctor prescribed medication. Aches and pains are handled with heat or ice packs, and over the counter medicines. Been doing breathing relaxation for the anxiety and trying to keep it at bay. Gerry is doing better and hoping to get off some medications that he was taking for his heart.  ( He was given the wrong medication this past Fall and it really messed him up). Both of us will have health tests to start getting once the snow roads are clear. We are very isolated where we live and its 5 hour+ drive ( more so with the RV) to the city. Even Jakey has had a long hard winter. He is 11 this year and I hear him groaning sometimes so I know he could use that sun sooner than later as well. He used to love laying on the deck first thing in the morning. We would both go sit outside in the morning. It always felt so good to feel the sun.

I started my Spring Cleaning last weekend, and with always being on top of most things around the house won't be long before I get it all done. Some things like windows, screens, etc will all wait till its warmer.  (We still have a ton of snow here!) Its seems like winter never ends when you live in the north. I think a move is in the near future for us. 

Food prices and gas prices on the rise! Wow- we didn't travel for the last two years, and now that Spring is around the corner - well sorta- the gas goes sky high. It's alot worst here in Canada than in the USA. So we won't be doing much driving around through Canada once we do start going anywhere. I could use some dental work too, but with no coverage, it costs a small fortune here. Things to ponder though.


  1. I know exactly what you mean...drama, bad news, anxiety...the only good thing we have where we live is lots of sun which seem to make things little better! Hope things get better for you soon!

    1. Thank you.. and as soon as the snow is gone and we can get out and move around more...


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