Review: Pet Safe Cozy Up Folding Pet Stairs

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

If your dog is struggling with getting on or off the bed or couch due to aging and limited mobility issues, the Pet Safe Cozy Up Folding Stairs may just be what he/ she needs.

We were looking for something to make it easier for Jake to get on and off the bed, as he often pauses before he will want to jump up on the bed or couch. Wanting assistance.  The affordable, Pet Safe Cozy Up Folding Stairs are great cause they are an exact height for the couch and bed, have slip resistant stair treads, non slip feet, and light weight - which makes it easy for folding up and storing away if need be.  Sturdy as well- great for any small or medium size dog. Dog hair, etc can also be wiped off  as they are easy clean. Because as well they are sturdy, and don't move around, your dog will feel confident with going up and down them. 

I wouldn't hesitate to says these are perfect for the home, or camper, for those traveling with fur babies!

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