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Friday, April 29, 2022

It seems like when I haven't written about our lives for a while, I really fall behind with what has been happening here and then it's like I get writer's block.

We have put our home up for sale though- looking to move to Medicine Hat, Alberta, where the younger daughter lives. Time for a change. Looking for better medical services, shopping and just a change. Our town has been going "downhill" for a while. I think it may be a bit of an adjustment for me since I am a small town girl and used to small town driving. Would have to get used to using a GPS and driving in a city. We'd like to buy another mobile home though and hoping to not have to go into debt. Sell this one and not have to pay more for another.

Been busy as well with medical appts in town and out of town, for both of us. Which is another reason we need to move. We live 5 hours- longer when we take the RV- to nearest city to see a specialist. As we age, we don't want to be having to do that drive anymore than we have to. Gas has really been expensive too..especially for the RV. It wasn't as bad in Alberta when we went last week. Cheaper, one tax, and we bought a Costco membership so that made it cheaper yet. Sent for the Costco MasterCard and that will lower it more by giving us cash back. A person has to find all these little ways to save nowadays. I told Gerry, if we can save on some things, we have extra for those other things we want to do.

Doctor suggested I eat less sugar. Said it would help with inflammation and arthritis. Easier said than done. Every day is that- ok- will try again tomorrow day! LOL.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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