Summer Game Hits for the Kids

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

We’re thrilled to share some special new launches for the summer by leading board game distributor, Asmodee Canada!

Betta and Box Monster, are sure to be a huge hit for kids this summer.

Be sure to pick them up for your youngsters this summer.

Box Monster is the perfect game to teach communication skills in a fun way to children. As a team, players must reach into the box and help each other find pairs of unique shapes before the time runs out. Players must always pull out the same shape at the same time, so good communication is a necessity. Kids learn teamwork and pattern recognition at the same time while playing this highly addictive, super fun game.

Discover the wonderful world of the Betta. They are

beautiful and colorful, but their displays need to be

organized so that they really stand out. In Betta, all you

need to do is display the fish by using them to create

different patterns. You are assigned a species of betta and

to score points, that species must be the one that appears

the most in the various displays.

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