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Monday, June 6, 2022

The move is getting closer for us. Just another 2 weeks. Mom has her place for sale too and coming with us as soon as hers sells. After doing some checking around Gerry was able to save us quite alot on movers - 1/2 price on what alot of others were charging. Mom is also going to get the same deal. Have been busy selling lots of things, so we don't have as much to take with us. It will a good move for all of us. Alot of family drama too about her moving, but she is happy to be going. She is 76 and needs good medical, less stress, and shopping therapy! Don't have alot of that in this small town. She will have to go for a hip replacement in 2 weeks though. Same time as our move so we are trying to balance all that into the mix.

We have Jakey too that is set for a dental cleaning in a couple of weeks- I couldn't imagine myself having dirty teeth for a year so he gets his cleaned too! I don't like the doggy breath anyhow.. so it's time for another cleaning. Only thing I don't like is that his isn't too happy after he comes out of his anesthetic. Just doesn't feel good for a bit. Poor guy got some ticks on him too from the last time we were out of town and were at the campground. Didn't even know till they all filled up on him. Gerry had to pull them off - so yucky! Now he is back on tick medication to prevent that happening again. He even had brought one into the bed, as I remember Gerry having one on his side in the morning!

On another note- isn't everyone just fed up with the price of gas and groceries on the rise?? With a 37' RV, gas isn't cheap to begin with, but these prices really are going to limit our travels. I have even noticed more downsizing of products in their sizing yet pricing is staying the same. Boy oh boy!

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