An Afternoon At the Great Pumpkin Smash and Two Bucket List Checks

Saturday, October 29, 2022

It was Gerry's birthday today so we did lunch with the "kids" and went ourselves  to the Great Pumpkin Smash. Who says things like this are just for kids- because yes- there were alot of adults without kids too! It was a beautiful day and I also checked off two things from my bucket list:

-pumpkin smashing

**The pumpkins at this event were locally sourced. Many would otherwise be unharvested for market or come from a failed crop, impacted by frost. None of the pumpkins smashed at this event will be painted, so they can be used for livestock feed.

-ax throwing- although I totally bombed at it- LOL 

Couldn't really give this one my all because of a rotator cuff injury last year, and my bad back...wanted to be careful.. but it wasn't easy throwing it high enough and forget about making it stick in there!

Even Jack and Sally were there from Nightmare Before Christmas! I made sure to get my picture taken because our oldest daughter Ria is a big fan!

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