The Holidays- Came and Went

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

The holidays came and went for us. Quiet. I hope all my readers had a peaceful holiday season.

We are glad we came home from the USA early actually. ( Normally we are gone for the whole winter- this year we only did 3 weeks). The weather has been so bad all over, and I'm not sure how much we would have been warming up down south. Here in southern Alberta its been warmer than where we used to live, but rain and snow, and living in a hilly city, the last part of this week haven't been the greatest.

The front of our place looked like a skating rink on the road the other day. You would not want to be walking on it! We had to buy some ice melt today for our fine folks who do the deliveries- Amazon, flyers, etc. I hope they are being watched over to keep them safe.

Keeping eyes peeled for those after Christmas sales. Could use some lights for outdoors for next year and a few other odds and ends but will wait till the sales hit 75% ! Those are THE best!

I did buy myself a new Windows 11 computer tower during Boxing Day. My old one was a Windows 7 and had slowed down so so much that it was refusing to do much of anything. We will have to get rid of the hard drive and recycle the rest. New one that was a floor model - costed me $422 with taxes. I also have a lap top- more so use it for travel or when I need to be in another room where I can easily move it around.

Had Jake at the vet over the last week- he had x-rays to check on his breathing and found the collapsed trachea and an enlarged heart. ( he is a 12 year old Yorkie). Ended up he needed medication. Then ended up medication was too strong and he was either too tired from it or not himself. Now we are on trying him on the lowest dose for his heart, with the water pill. If that doesn't agree we will look at something else or just leave it. Will work with the vet to see what is the best for him.

Been busy still renovating. So much to do. Well lots for Gerry to do. Waiting on a rebate cheque too which we will use to finish the plumbing in the washroom off our bedroom, and to get carpet and underlay at the discount carpet store. There was alot of cigarette smoke damage in here too. Alot of yellowing...and took at least a month is not longer to get the smell out. It's nice though seeing it all come together. Nice too that Gerry can do most of the work too. Saves us alot .

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