Where Does the Time Go?

Saturday, December 10, 2022

I have honestly been meaning to write what's been happening around here for a while already.  I have always told Gerry you have to be in the right mind set too to just sit down and write. Since I do alot of my writings out in the family room on the PC, at times Gerry is watching tv and it can be hard to focus on writing. Sometimes a person is just lazy too, but in the back of your mind your thinking- " are my readers wondering where I'm at?"

We have been busy here with life, and renovations now that we are back home . As most of you know we came back from the USA early and decided not to stay the winter. Did get the trip all paid off. Have the big RV for sale but amd sure it won't be looked at till Spring at least when people are thinking of camping and getting on those road trips again- and then we'll downsize. Something for less money and not as hard on gas.

Since we are renovating we're unsure we will be putting up a tree this year. We did some decor outside but inside there is just too much going on to start decorating.

We have been taking in a few holiday outings such as lights, CP Holiday Train and events the city has had to offer over the holiday season. We didn't find this much was happening when we were living in our small town, so it's been nice to come to the city to take advantage of so much more ...

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