Thinking Ahead to Spring

Thursday, January 19, 2023

We saw some vegetable seeds the other day at Giant Tiger so we decided to grab some sooner than later.

We love the fact that we had a greenhouse came with the home we bought last September. We left the strawberry plants in there, which will carry forward to this year, and the rest was a mess, so looking forward to starting a new grow in it. Fruits and vegetables. The hanging flower baskets that were in there before we have emptied and those will be great for all things on vines. I had some flower seeds but I am passing them along to another friend as with Jake outdoors, the risk will be greater for wasps being around with flowers. So will keep those to a minimum to none. We also want to put grass in all around the the greenhouse and back yard this year, and minimize the concrete blocks. Will think we would sell most of those.

Since we live in a warm Canadian area, Spring will come early I am sure, and so will bugs. Last year there seemed to be an over abundance here of wasps and spiders, so I will be looking for ways to keep those all under control as well, and reading the tips online. What insects do you have in your area that you don't like?

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