Renovating Continues and Finding Fen Shui Interesting

Monday, February 20, 2023

It's nice that we had got a rebate/share from our grocery store back home when we moved here to Alberta. The rebate helped alot with renovations for sure. We have also sold items from this home that we didn't need and that too helped with extra money. If there's a will there's a way so they say. Buying used from Facebook Marketplace too has helped save. It being the city, it's been a bit harder I have found to sell . Back home there was little places to shop and Amazon didn't deliver to certain areas, so people were quick to buy what you had for sale. The city's different because there is just so much here- and everyone wants a deal -LOL

Gerry tore the main bathroom apart where the tub was. The finish was all gone off it and it was quite high off the floor. Behind the tile walls was an old window and water had leaked in through the siding that covered that window, and behind the wall! No wonder I thought I smelled mildew. Gerry has found alot of shoddy workmanship while doing renos. Pretty much we are re-doing the whole place.

We will be possibly re-doing the vanity but a new one would be too much. Also getting rid of the cupboard on the wall. Everything is "dated". Trying to do the renos without spending an arm and a leg. The lumber has been the biggest of expenses though- lumber and drywall, etc., for rebuilding walls.

I got a great book I have started reading from Amazon on plain and simple Fen Shui by Sarah Bartlett. It's really interesting how to bring more positive energy into your home and I like that! Who loves reading about the Fen Shui way?

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