Money In..Money Out

Sunday, March 12, 2023

We have been having alot of money in's and outs lately it seems. Our latest "in" was tax returns. We had good returns both of us, however Gerry's went all and then some for his truck repairs and a safety for the truck. Then because we have switched provinces that we live in, he also had the expense of a new license, registration, insurance, forms, (yes forms they were charging for too!), etc.. Will be my turn soon for my car, to go through all that. Not the repairs-LOL- but getting the vehicle inspection and everything else that goes with it.

Then we had alot of expenses for Jake. He had a dental cleaning of $300 + -which he gets at least once a year. Add to that flea and tick prevention (for when it is tick season @ $85 for 3 month dose single pill!) had anal glands done, one of his vaccinations for the year  and his hair cut @ $60 that same week, well, it tends to add up. We are blessed to be able to afford what we can for him. 

Were at a trade show this past week. Did alot of walking around and looking. Went with our daughter and son in law. Entered alot of draws. Didn't win anything but picked up some free pens and other free things that were on tables.  LOL! 

Were almost done with our snow here, only to get dumped on again by one of those atmospheric river type things! So we have to start all over with the melt again, which means I can't take my car out till the snow isn't as deep on the roads. Good thing for us we have the car - which is small and good on gas, but also the truck which is good in the snow.

Just as a reminder as well- be sure to check out our Instagram page and other socials, which link from the top of home page here on the blog- and have a great week ahead!

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