June 2023

Monday, June 19, 2023

Summer will soon be officially here...just a few more days. Although here in southern Alberta I feel like we have had summer for a good month + . The weather has been so nice. Much better than the weather we got when we were in northern Saskatchewan. We have had to buy another round of a 3 month tick dose for Jake. Expensive at $82.. but effective, and he has no side effects from what we could see from taking it. He is still also doing well from not being on his heart meds. Goes out for 3 walks daily, and eats and drinks well. He will be 13 in August.

Gerry has still  been busy with inside and outside work to the yard. We have grass in the backyard now. The green house is coming along nicely and everything growing so tall- even planted some sunflowers outdoors- but Gerry noticed  Jake might be vegan cause he's been nibbling at the leaves! 

We want to replace the fence as well and make it from a 5 foot to a 6 foot. More privacy. We planted trees also along the fence but will take them a bit to grow to the nice tall ones we used to have back home. Also put up a screen from the RV we never used on the main covered deck and it helps with privacy, shade, and a great wind blocker.

Which by the way, speaking of the RV- we sold it! We had started out wanting over 50 thousand for it but in the end took 35. Now we are on to looking for another one, but smaller and for alot less so we can keep some money in the bank.

With Gerry doing so much work inside and out, he managed to overdo some muscles in his neck and shoulder, so some things are now on hold. He had been going to physio for a bit but the cost is $60 a visit for treatments, so after three, he took a break and was given some at home stretches to do.

Our daughter Erika found out she is having a baby boy- so now can plan more for the color scheme of things. Due at end of October. Her first and us first time grandparents .

I have still been doing alot more photos and videos on Instagram so if you have that be sure to follow me there. We also have alot of giveaways happening there too.

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