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Sunday, June 4, 2023

I have been a blogger for 20 years this year. When I first started blogging not too many people were blogging, doing product reviews, etc.. I also did a bit of Facebook and some Twitter posts. Now there is Instagram, Tik Tok and who knows what else. At times it's like a part time job really.  Creating and managing content, planning for new content, giveaways.... After 20 years of blogging though, I decided to turn in the last year more to Instagram. Now I am struggling with staying with Instagram for my platform or going back to blogging. 

My daughter used to enter ALOT of contests before and was spending ALOT of time online. In the new year she gave alot of it up. She still enters the odd giveaway but not near what she used to. People would say she was lucky that she won so much...but she put the time in. I myself enter the odd giveaways but it's like the lottery tickets.. and its the odd time. I always say if I am meant to win I will win with that one ticket I buy. I don't need 10. What I am saying as we really can spend alot of time on "here".

I have a ton of content on the blog though, almost 6,000 posts done over the years. I do invite you to check out some of my past posts. But no matter how you follow me or have followed me over the last while, I thank you for being around .

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