New Mom's Guide to Must Haves for Baby

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

With our youngest having their first baby this Fall, we wanted to create that Must Have Guide for all new moms. Putting together a few great items and brands we know any new mom could use or just want because - "gosh that is so cute!" 

This Playmat with Arch-large is full of surprises to discover: features 10 playful multi-sensory activities to boost your baby’s development.
The multi sensory activity toys encourages early motor skills. Babies will be entertained with various textures, creatures, and engaging colors for developing their tactile and sensory skills.
Includes supportive Tummy Time pillow. 3 different ways to interact as the baby grows: overhead, tummy time and seated play.

Tranquil Turtle™ - Soothing white noise and projector nightlight

The cute Tranquil Turtle™ projects a moving ocean light effect onto the ceiling of the room, thanks to a unique and patented mechanism. You can also choose between a calming melody and the white noise of the waves to soothe your little ones to sleep. Tranquil Turtle™ will transform your child's room into a peaceful oasis. 

**Watch for more upcoming products...

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