Get Set for March Break with these Top Toys!

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

With March break right around the corner, these brands want to ensure that kids are entertained, and not at the expense of their parents' sanity. Whether you’re spending time at home, or adventuring to a new place, having a few toys around to occupy the kids is a great way to ensure those endless hours of free time are spent being productive. 

Thomas & Friends: Paint Delivery Set

Preschool kids can send their good pal Thomas racing through Wayland Station to pick up and deliver paint with this Thomas & Friends™ motorized train and track set from Fisher-Price®. Flip the switch on top of the engine to send Thomas racing along the track. But watch out! As Thomas pulls the Troublesome Truck™ over the bridge, the paint cans will wobble and dump out of the truck bed.

Retail: Amazon, Toys R Us, Walmart

MSRP: $34.99

Ages: 3+

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Half Pipe RC

Play and perform like a real skater with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Half Pipe RC. It’s a full-function 2.4 GHz remote-controlled vehicle built to skate smoothly and imitate realistic skateboarding moves. Designed with a movie-inspired style and your favourite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles riding the skateboard, the unique skateboard shaped controller makes it easy to gain speed, shift, and shred on any surface! Collect all 4 characters!

Ages: 3+ 

Retail: Walmart Canada

MSRP: $34.97

Playmobil Color: Dressing Room

In collaboration with CRAYOLA, Playmobil Color is making a comeback with various playsets that can be individually designed and washed off again. This way, children can paint their favourite figures over and over again. With the Dressing Room, children can become designers themselves and create their own collection. Detailed accessories such as interchangeable wigs, various dresses, skirts and a make-up corner complete the set.

Playmobil and key retailers

MSRP: $39.99

Ages: 5+

Cat® Micro RC

Even the toughest of construction sites are no match for the Cat Micro RC! Arrive to the construction site in this full-function remote-controlled vehicle. Designed with articulated parts so you’re in control of the action! Use the hard hat shaped controller to seamlessly navigate from one construction site to the next. Hard hat controller also charges the vehicle, so you can get started in no time! Available in excavator and dump truck vehicle models. 

Walmart Canada, Toys R Us Canada

MSRP: Walmart ($19.97), Toys R Us ($26.99)

Ages: 5+ 

Gazillion Double Bubble Blaster

Get ready for double the bubble fun with the all new Gazillion Bubbles Double Bubble Blaster! With a 2-in-1 design, you can easily switch between a handheld blaster and a freestanding bubble machine! To use as a blaster, simply screw in the bottled solution, pull the trigger, and enjoy a continuous stream of bubbles! To use as a machine, simply push the handle inward, open the kick stand, and press the button on the side of the blaster for bubble-filled fun! The Double Bubble Blaster includes 2 4oz bottles of Gazillion Bubbles solution and features built-in LED lights, so you can transform playtime into a captivating bubble light show!

Walmart Canada, Toys R Us Canada

Walmart ($24.98), Toys R Us ($27.99)

Ages: 3+


A unique storyteller and projection nightlight for babies and children. The CloudBox’s portable and user-friendly design ensures that the soothing experience can be taken anywhere, making it an essential addition to any parent's arsenal. Along with different universes to explore – ocean, forest, space and village – the Cloud Box is equipped with a recording function that encourages parents and their children to create their own bedtime stories.

West Coast Kids, Babies R Us/Toys R Us, Clement, Indigo-Chapters


Ages: 0-8

Tranquil Turtle

The cute Tranquil Turtle™ projects a moving ocean light effect onto the ceiling of the room, thanks to a unique and patented mechanism. You can also choose between a calming melody and the white noise of the waves to soothe your little ones to sleep. Tranquil Turtle™ will transform your child's room into a peaceful oasis. 

West Coast Kids, Clement, Babies R US/Toys R Us, Indigo-Chapters


Ages: 0+

Mattel Games: Pictionary

In Pictionary™, the quick-draw family game, count on big laughs as players find out who's an artist and who really isn't! In this game, the guesses can be just as hilarious as the sketches. Players use markers to draw their best rendition of the clue on the card, with a one-minute deadline. Is it an animal? A person? An action? What is that drawing? If team members just aren't getting it, the sketcher can try a different direction. Players take turns drawing, so everyone gets to channel their inner artist! And the laughs just keep coming!

Amazon, Walmart, Toys R Us


Ages: 8+

MGA’S Miniverse Make It Mini Appliances Mini Collectibles

MGA's Miniverse Make It Mini Appliances brings new ways to Make It Mini! All New Mini Appliances that work! Use these appliances to help you make, set, and display your favorite Miniverse Make It Mini Food Beverages.

Walmart, Amazon, Toys R Us


Ages: 8+

L.O.L. Surprise! Water Balloon Surprise Tots

Introducing LOL Surprise Water Balloon Surprise dolls! Discover LOL’s newest innovation, Tots with real water balloons for hair! These Tots have so many surprises and 4 fun ways to play! There are 9 fan-favourite characters to collect, like Unicorn, Fresh, Sugar, and more, with unique balloon hairstyles to reveal! Each Tot comes with two different styles of balloons (classic and squishy), fabulous fashions, and accessories to unbox! 

Walmart, Amazon, Toys R Us


Ages: 4+

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