Sunday, August 5, 2012

John Paul Pet Care Products

Most of us have suffered through our share of bad hair days, including our canine companions.

Recently, I reviewed some John Paul Pet, dog care products on my test subject aka my dog Jake. I especially loved the dog shampoo  which is specially formulated to bring out the shine in a dog’s fur, and soothe their skin. Jake’s hair looked and smelled wonderful after his bath.Gerry and I even noticed a shinier coat after the wash, dry and brushing.And the hair was so soft.

To manage even the most difficult of hair coats, John Paul Pet even offers conditioners which are sure to help detangle some matted fur coats. Furthermore there is a line of dog wipes formulate for three areas of the body including, eyes and ears, teeth and gums as well as body and paws to keep you pets clean and healthy with minimal wrestling involved.

John Paul Pet also offers products for some of our other favorite companions such as cats and horses, sure to please any pet lover.I know I am a big fan now of his products for my Jake.
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great review! Jake is a gorgeous little guy! I am a fan too :)

Monique Fullowka said...

LOL- yes, he is! thank you!

Soozle said...

Hah! When I first read this, I thought it was John Frieda who had a new PET line and was in slight disbelief and awe! heh

Jake IS such an adorable little guy - I don't think he could look bad though :-)

Monique Fullowka said...

Yeah, we love him to death!

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