A Checklist for Savings In The Laundry Room

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Are you looking for savings ideas in the laundry room? I've compiled a checklist of some ways you can go over to see if you are doing all you can to save money in the laundryroom.

-clipping those coupons for name brand detergent and combining them with the same, on sale

-buying no name laundry soap.Heck, in harder times, I've even used dish liquid and it workd just as good

-use half a sheet of fabric softener, or reuse the first sheet at least twice. Mom saves me hers that she uses once, and they work!

-front loading machines are known to save more money

-run your washer and dryer on the shortest cycles to get the job done

-use cold water for washing. Although I do wash my sheets and blankets in warm water

-don't over wash bath/kitchen towels. Did you just use once or twice? It doesn't need to be washed yet.Get the rest of the family into the habit of reusing your towels at least for a few days.

-use an indoor clothes drying rack if you don't have alot to dry. I wash my bathroom rugs once a week but hang them up indoors to dry. They don't warrent running the dryer for 2 small rugs.

If you have any other tips for savings in the laundry room, feel free to add them.


  1. I've fallen in love with homemade laundry detergent. Its very inexpensive and works great. You can find an easy to make (NO COOK) recipe here:

  2. I understand the need to save money, but under garments, sheets, and towels should be washed in hot water to kill the germs and any bacteria on them. No matter how much you rinse in cold and warm water, some of the little nasties stay behind.

  3. Thank you for your comment.Hot water is probably better but I think we've done just a good with using the warm water.

  4. I don't believe one must use hot water to wash undies, sheets and towels... I don't even have hot water hooked up to my washer. They get nice and clean.

    Of course, my front loader takes about 2 hours to wash a load.

  5. Agreed, to kill dust mites, a 60 degree Celcius wash required?

    Would like help to keep HE front loader washer/dryer unclogged, my hubby is getting rather annoyed with my homemade powders I'm using. It's the soap part that is the issue. Some say to blend the flakes until powder like, others say to put detergent powder into bowl of machine, not dispenser. cheers

  6. Readers- perhaps those using homemade soap can help with this?


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