Review: Dyson's DC45 Animal Cordless Vacuum

Friday, November 30, 2012

Studies show that having a pet can add years to your life, and sometimes I wonder whether we do need those extra years to clean up all the pet hair our four legged family member leave around. Pet owners know that pet hair doesn’t just stay on the floor, and it has the tendency to attach itself everywhere, couch cushions, in vents, plastered to walls. However, I think I found a solution in the new Dyson DC45 Animal cordless vacuum, which is amazing. Typically these vacuums are considered crème de la crème of vacuums and with good reason.

The suction is excellent, and because it is cordless you are never searching for a plug or tripping over wires. Best yet, it has a long reaching adjustable wand that allows you literally to clean from floor to cleaning without awkward balancing. Removing the dust from the Dyson in very easy and since the filter is washable you will never be searching for parts. When you are done using it you simply hang it back up in a docking station on the wall, so it’s never in your way. In truth, I love this vacuum because (can’t help the pun) it sucks.

All about Dyson DC45 :

Dyson digital motor
Dyson digital motors are engineered to be small and powerful. Using digital pulse technology, they spin at up to 104,000 rpm – making the Digital Slim the most powerful cordless vacuum.

New battery technology
A 22.2V nickel manganese cobalt battery pack releases its charge evenly so there is no drop in performance.

Root Cyclone™ technology
Dyson’s patented Root Cyclone™ technology – condensed to fit into the machine – spins dust and dirt out of the air using centrifugal force, so there’s no loss of suction.

Motorized head
The motorized floor tool has an independent 30 W motor driving stiff nylon bristles into carpet pile to remove stubborn dirt. A carbon fibre brush bar has anti-static carbon filaments to remove fine dust from hard floors.

The Dyson Digital Slim™ is available on – and at Canadian Retailers: Future Shop, Best Buy, The Bay, Home Outfitters, Sears, The Brick, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Independent Dyson Retailers. Suggested retail - $449.99

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