Sunday-A Good Day To Organize the Pantry and Fridge

Sunday, December 16, 2012

I always try to keep my fridge and pantry organized and free of outdated food. This means using up what you do have before it has a chance to expire or not buying too much to begin with.

My pantry is "unusually" full and only because we only got our Santa's Choice boxes in earlier this month-over $1,000 in food, which we froze, stored, and shared things WE didn't eat, with family and the food bank.( Please let me know if I can refer my name can get entered into a cash draw!) 

Let today or this week, be a day you clean out YOUR fridge and pantry. Washing the insides of shelves, wiping off bottles and jars, and checking for expiry dates on your food.

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  1. This time of year offices and schools often have a canned goods drive, so why not take out a couple of things that have plenty of time left before they expire and donate these to the local homeless shelter?


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