Wishing All My Readers, A Safe and Happy Holiday Season

Monday, December 24, 2012

I just want to take this moment to wish all my wonderful readers a safe, healthy and happy holiday season.

It will be a quiet one for us. Ria is in the Bahamas with her boyfriend and not back home till Christmas evening. The girls will both be coming over however, with their boyfriends Boxing Day for supper.This year too, will be our first Christmas with our new dog Jake, who is like one of our kids.He loves when parcels come in the mail, opening boxes to see what I am reviewing, so he'll love when we start opening gifts tomorrow morning.

Alot of our family members do not talk with one another so it's unfortunate, but we won't be having a big, happy family get together.

Very cold here as well. -32 with the windchill today. Gerry is picking up some last minute food items at the grocery store today. He gets off work early then has about a week off work so that will be very nice for the both of us.

Ria is coming home to an empty fridge. Her breaker somehow got kicked while she was gone. Having only ferrets to feed dry food, no one went in the fridge, till a few days went by, then my brother who takes them out to play in the evenings, opened it and noticed. Too late and everything was warm. We had to throw almost everything out!

Erika is also having troubles at her apartment,(both run by the same landlord but different location in town). She's got a leak within the walls and water running under the tub. Can't get the plumber over till at least Jan. 2nd. Most times Gerry will fix things for the girls but this is something someone else will have to look at.

I just wish the weather were warmer.. brr it's cold  here! Hopefully it will warm a bit over the holidays so I can go out for a skidoo ride with Gerry. I hate the cold.

We just got a new, used truck. Gerry traded in his smaller truck for a 4x4, full sized truck, but it worked out to pretty much the same payments.Gas will be not bad for it as well. Much better in the snow and for hauling for him.He is quite happy with it. It's a bit older than what we had by 2 years I think, but looks new and still has a year warranty on it.

Enough of my rambling though. Happy Holidays Everyone!


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