Healthy Travels with Whole Foods

Monday, March 25, 2013

When we travel to the United States, Gerry and I often stop at Whole Foods to get some healthy foods to eat.
Whole Foods is only recently expanding into Canada, and since there isn’t one where we live, it such a treat to be able to explore one while we travel. While in Philadelphia, next month, we will be shopping at Callowhill Whole Foods Market.
Let’s be honest- it is often very difficult to stay healthy while travelling, which is why stopping at Whole Foods is so important to us, not only can we get some healthy road trip snacks such as fruits and veggies but we can also get some healthy and delicious fully prepared meals. The selection is usually pretty great, so we both can have something that suits are mood. We found through our travels that each Whole Foods in the different states that we have been, carries items that are unique to the region. So this is a great opportunity to try some healthy food with a regional flare, or, when possible take something home with us to remind us of all the places that we have been.
We are very excited to see what Callowhill Whole Foods has to offer us.

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