Trip to Memphis: Cancelled

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Well, it was bound to happen. There was just too many things working against us to go on this trip to Memphis but now we have to wonder-why?

I hadn't shared this with you all but let me tell you what the events had been that led up to us saying:"This trip is not meant to be."

- Gerry's work assistant and him cannot be gone at the same time from work. Well, we had the trip planned but thought we would have to cancel because her mom had died and we thought with the funeral and all she wouldnt be back to work to relieve him.But it worked out..with days to spare before we left on the trip.

-Then, Jakey,( our dog) came down with a bad cold and got better just a day before we left. I'm not sure we could have left him at the kennels if he was sick.

-While here in Saskatoon,( where our flight leaves from), I fell ill with the stomache flu. It was a good thing we thought that our flight was later in the day, as Gravol and Imodium got me through most of the day.

-But on the way to the airport, someone cut us off and we were in a near accident, that would have delayed us. Then a boy stepped off the sidewalk and Gerry almost hit him...another near miss for a delay.

-Last straw was going to the airport, and seeing the line up and hearing people saying flights were cancelled.

Our layover flight in Denver was cancelled and so were other flights, due to the weather.We would have had to overnight there if we were to fly in.There were just too many coincidences in our opinion. "Someone" didnt want us going, so we decided not to even push it any further.

At this time, we'd like to send out a BIG THANK YOU to  Starwood Canada and  the Sheraton Cavalier here in Saskatoon, who have so graciously put us up for 2 nights, gave us Starwood Preferred Guest Status, allowed a late check out today, and have made us truly feel like family.

Heading home tomorrow.

***Update: March 24th-heard there were 100 flights cancelled out of Denver yesterday. I think if we would have tried to fly in, we're not sure what would have happened to us there yesterday.



  1. Seems like the universe was trying to keep you guys from going! A cancelld trip is so disappointing but everything happens for a reason.

  2. Seems to have- even my card reader said so.


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