Happy Birthday Canada!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Canada! What is everyone doing today for Canada Day? The sky started out cloudy and even with some rain this morning, but it quickly turned oh so hot and sunny. Gerry's on his last day off today from our holiday in Vancouver as well as the long weekend, so since he's been back, has been trying to do some more things around the house. Besides his own things he wants to do, I always have the "honey-so" list as well.

We ordered our siding before we went on our trip, so that should be in next week- as it wasn't while we were gone. He has been busy taking off the light colored grey siding off our addition, and putting it on the workshop. (The new siding for the trailer will be dark grey.)

So hot out though that Jakey didn't even want to be outdoors, so inside with me and the ac.
Going to start with my outdoor walking again tomorrow- get back into a routine. It will be warm but I'll take it over the cold any day! Enjoy the day everyone!



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