Sunday - July 7th

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Well, it doesn't feel much like summer here today. I think our temp was 12 degrees today last time I heard. Rainy too- like Fall to me. And I'm always cold. Suffer from poor circulation. 
I've got my sweater on and my moccasins,( although the fur that was once in them is no longer warm, and actually quite packed down and bare. Will be time to change over to another pair of slippers I have here soon and retire these.)

Our siding has come in for the trailer so Gerry had started with that yesterday but today's rain limited him to doing staining in the workshop, and putting the siding on hold.
So here is the before shot of the trailer. All the lighter color grey that was on the porch came off and went on the workshop, and the the rest of the trailer will soon be getting a dark grey.
Our fences are in hard shape, but fence boards are so expensive! Most building material actually.

In this photo above Gerry has stained our golden magazine rack to a dark walnut, to better go with the furniture in the living room, and the thing beside it is our laundry hamper, minus the bag that sits in there, as the stain is drying, plus our headboard, which was an ugly brown before, but should now match better in the bedroom. He had different types of woods, so the stain all took on bits of different shades.

Sold my cedar chest I had in the bedroom- and a lady is suppose to come pick it up tomorrow so I'm hoping to use that money towards a new taupe color for the walls in our bedroom and also needed a plastic 2 drawer chest for mitts, hats, etc.,for inside our porch closet. My old colors in the bedroom were white, honey oak and creme yellow. Now they will be white, dark brown and dark purple. 

Made 2 batches of cookies yesterday- first batch I over baked and a bit disappointed but the second one was better.Love trying new recipes though. And even at my age, I'm still learning from trial and error. We eat desserts for weekend coffee breaks and after meals, so always some baked goods in the house!


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