Sunday- July 21st Plus an August 16th Update

Friday, August 16, 2013

Well, the end to another weekend- today being very wet and cool. I even cut the furnace in. I know not too frugal of me, but I have problems with my circulation and hands and feet were freezing. Had to.Just to take the chill out. I'm not very good when the weather turns cooler. 

We sold our garden tiller today. The garden was not coming up too well this year, and the peas Gerry already had to take out because they weren't growing well and what did come up, dried up. We've decided for the little bounty we've gotten out of it since we have been planting, and the amount of work required to fight the weeds, that after this planting is done for the year, we will cover it back in with grass. Even our raspberries have not taken yet . 

Gerry did finish the siding though, so I'm posting some before and after shots of the front, but think we may still add some white siding for the skirting and cover over the older white boards.May be able to get some on local trading post on Facebook- someone may have some leftover pieces to sell.

Took down our white ceiling fan in our bedroom and replaced with one I got on sale in a dark brown, at Canadian Tire, for $34.99-  40% off. Just trying to sell the white one now, and Gerry taped in our room to get ready to paint tonight. Going from light yellow to a beige. Walmart had paint on sale - $25 a gallon, and we bought 2 with money he had made from selling something else we had. 

Gerry's  also had to to do some fixing up in the main bathroom. Trailer shifted again and caused some cracking and peeling of the paint, so has to touch it up- again. Have this happen every few months.Frustrating.

Me, I've been entering alot of online contests lately, when I'm not out walking, spending time with the dog, blogging or doing the day to days.  I've won 2 x $25 gifts cards in two giveaways this month and a coupon for a  bag of candy. Have fun dreaming of the prizes to be won! Erika enters quite a bit as well and has won a few prizes under $200 this month. Going to Greece next month from one of the contests she won a few months ago! 1 week island hopping trip plus got $2,000 in Visa gift cards.

Have a great week everyone....

August 16th update:
Decided to add siding to the front part of the trailer and covered over the skirting. Just on the front part-$109 -gives it a nice clean and new look- to go with the new siding. 


  1. Congrats on your wins, that is great. I just love winning gift cards, I wish us both luck in the contests.


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