A Cheaper Way To Fix The Backyard Fence Plus An Update

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Just beyond our backyard fence is where Gerry has  the wood pile,( wood used for the wood stove in his workshop when it gets cold), but the fence is kind of old and rotting in spots back there. Fence boards ARE expensive and so is paint. Being that this is only a small section behind the wood pile, I decided that instead of replacing the fence boards with new fence boards, let's tear that section down and just put up a few pallets instead.

Gerry took one section down and put up the pallet just to show what it will look like, and since its only for yard separation with the neighbor's yard and behind the wood pile, we won't be painting it. Kind of a rustic look .
Gerry has to get his hands on about 2-3 more free pallets but saves us big and gets rid of that bad part of the fence. Will update with another photo when it's done.

August 18th Update:
Decided it looked quite well without a fence in behind it- so for now we are leaving out the pallets.


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