The Single Best Way To Eliminate Most Germs Inside Your Home

Monday, November 18, 2013

It's amazing how many people keep a meticulously clean home but fail to keep their bedding clean. Your bed is used more often than any other object inside your home. Which makes it the one object in your home prone to more germs, bacteria and dust than any other object inside your home. So yeah, it's a good idea to clean your bed as often as possible.

Here are four tips that will allow you to sleep in a clean bed every single night of the week.

1. Flip The Mattress. Most people flip their beds to simply prolong the life of their mattress. But most people don't realize that flipping the mattress actually allows you the perfect opportunity to vacuum it. Vacuuming your mattress removes all of the dry skin that have accumulated during your sleep time. Those dry skin particles are the perfect food for dust mites and other allergens. Flip your mattress at least once every quarter and vacuum the mattress and box spring each time as well.

2. Clean The Mattress. Remove the sheets so that your mattress is completely exposed. Then, sprinkle baking soda on your mattress and allow it to sit for at least four hours. The baking soda will remove moisture, dirt and odors from your mattress.

3. Wash Your Bed Sheets. A recent study showed that the average American washes their sheets once every seven days. Ironically, that's about as long as anyone should sleep on their sheets before using new ones. Washing sheets removes dry skin so it's a very important task when it comes to keeping a clean bed environment. So, wash your pillow and bed sheets at least once every week!

4. Keep Food In The Kitchen. A recent poll showed that 20% of people eat food in their beds. You can bet that 100% of those people have some food particles hiding in their sheets as a result. And of course, tiny bugs know this too. I know it's convenient but try to stay away from eating in your bed. Think about this way......little, tiny bugs are crawling on you while you sleep so that they can eat those microscopic food particles left behind after your midnight snack!

Germs can be found all over your home. And most people target the obvious places such as the bathroom and kitchen. However, your bedroom actually contains more germs than anywhere else throughout your home so make sure to use these tips and you're indoor health quality will recognize an immediate improvement.

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