Review: Krusteaz Baking Mixes

Sunday, July 17, 2016

I love to bake. Can't always eat all of it- as I have alot of food intolerances but good to have Gerry around for taste testing and eating. He never used to eat much for baking until he met me ! So I bake now for after lunch desserts, after supper desserts and as well coffee breaks. So, I usually always have something on the go that we/ him is eating or like to stockpile the baking in the freezer as well. I make from scratch or the boxed mixes. Not all boxed mixes are created equal. You do want to bake something after all that tastes homemade  right? I have on a few occasions tried the Krusteaz baking mixes. Now I haven't seen this brand in Canada but when we are in the US, we can pick it up in the grocery stores there plus I had the opportunity to review two of their mixes. The Meyer Lemon Bar and the Cinnamon Swirl Crumb Cake and Muffin Mix.

Baking mixes like Krusteaz are great . Simple instructions on the back of every box!  Even  great baking tips on their web site. Great for beginners, great when you are needing something baked and don't have the ingredients all on hand to bake, etc.. Bake for home, baby showers, bake sales, picnics, last minute company coming, or even when you want to look like you slaved away baking and Krusteaz did nothing short of making it simple.

Love the mixes- simple, easy, and tasty- find a store location today!

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