Review: Dynasteam

Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Dynasteam is such an interesting and innovative product. We had a chance to review one. One of the many thing it does is it allows you to control weeds around your home with simply water; and no harsh chemicals or pesticides.

The Dynamsteam requires only requires water that will heat up to 300F, it gets pressurized in the unit and it will tell you when it’s ready to use, and so simple in fact that it allows you to zap your weeds with a 5 second blast of steam;  the manufacture says it’s easier to use than an iron and certain this is very true.  The Dyansteam comes with three tools making it ideal to kill weeds; the Triple Root Spikes allows you to penetrate the soil around the weed and steam it dead at the root, while the Speed Weeding cone is great for large areas and lastly, the Power Jet Tip is great for walkways, patio stones and sidewalks where the weeks mysteriously like to grow.

Gerry is really enjoying the Dynasteam, he’s managed to rid our lawn of alot of weeds. Once they get zapped with a blast of steam it takes about 24 to 48 hrs for them to die; it’s just that easy.

But we need to mention that the Dynasteam can also be used for all indoor and outdoor cleaning projects as there is an Optional Accessory Kit that has attachments that will clean windows, metal objects like stoves and BBQ grills, flooring and so much more- even steaming your clothes to get those wrinkles out!

The Dynasteam is really an amazing product that leaves your exterior and interior spotless, weed free and best of all safe and non toxic.

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