Small and Surprising Ways to Up Your #Income This Month

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

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We’d all like a bit of extra money from time to time, and especially now that it’s summer. The problem with money is that to have it, you either need to earn a lot of it or save a lot of it - both at the same time would be preferable. If your salary is decent enough but you’re not able to put enough of it aside, it’s time to find yourself a side-hustle and make that income sing. I have found some of the most convenient extra jobs you can get started with right away, and they don’t pay that bad either.

#1 Help out in your community

Ever felt like it’s the lady running the charity shop around the corner, and the regular paper boy of your neighborhood who actually owns your street? It’s the people who always seem to be out and about who gets to know and befriend everyone - they seem like they’ve lived there for decades already. You can become one of those community heroes too, you know, and get paid for it as well.

With TaskRabbit, you’ll be able to help your neighbors or other people of the community with tasks that you feel you can perform well. If you’re kind of handy, offer your IKEA assembly services; if you’re good at cooking, help that twenty-something kid with cooking up a feast for his parents in-law. We’re all good at different things, and this app makes it possible to earn some money out of everyday skills - and decline the tasks we’d be less good at.

#3 Ask for help

Asking for help doesn’t mean that you should be on the receiving end of the app as well; it just implies that you should know when to reach out to professionals. Trying to up your income when you have unpaid debt and a mountain of bills you’d rather not think about, is stressful and bad for your health.

Before you look for ways to earn a bit more, you need to get out of the evil circle you find yourself in - not for the creditor’s sake, of course, but for your own well being. Turn things around and get out of debt; now, you can start to make your personal finances flourish again.  

#4 Use your talent

When we were young and new to the world, we were told that an artistic career - or anything to do with humanities at all, really, is not a safe bet. Although they might have been right, times have changed, and it’s very much possible to make a living from your talent. It should be on the side, though, and not somewhere for you to place all your eggs in immediately. You want to make more money, not go through a struggling artist experience where you wander the streets restlessly in black and white.

Any hobby you have can easily be turned into a side-hustle and an extra income-generator. Offer your services as a freelancer or create a website where you can sell those colorful origami creatures you’ve been working on, post pictures of all the delicious dishes you’ve cooked up, and sell knitted sweaters to all of your friends.

As the Internet looks today, you can make money out of most hobbies or talents you have. Even if you don’t have any, it’s simple to download an app and sign up for running errands and helping others out.

#5 Rent out your car

This options may not be for the households of only one car or for those who are head-over-heels in love with their vehicle. Renting your car out to strangers isn’t as scary as it seems, though, and Turo also offers an insurance package to its users. It’s one of the easiest ways you can make extra money, as it barely requires you to lift a finger to sign up to their app.

You can sit down, have a cup of tea, and make money as someone else drives your car. At the end of the day, it’s really no different from allowing your teenagers to drive it around; except that you’d be able to cash in on it, that is.

Turning your finances around and looking forward to an extra income is all about a will to work. With some of these options, you don’t really have to work that hard either. You can doodle on with your hobby, run and few errands for the neighbor lady, or simply let her drive your car around -  if you dare. No matter what you choose, you can feel the ball of stress disappear as you’re slowly climbing back up again.

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