5 Ways to Cut Your Business Marketing Costs

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Some smaller businesses think that a marketing strategy is something they can do without, but they’re going to be missing out on a huge amount of business because, although a lot of marketing is extremely competitive and done over the internet, a lot of it is surprisingly easy and both time and cost effective. Of course, you can easily go too far the other way and make poor marketing choices that cost a lot of money without generating many more leads or sales. This is a guide to finding the balance that’s right for your business, as well as a few marketing tricks that could drastically reduce your outgoings.

Don’t Make Rookie Mistakes

If your site doesn’t work on mobile devices then you’re missing out on the majority of online searchers, and if your site works on mobile devices but is tricky to navigate, then you might as well not bother. The mobile version of your site will have the greatest effect on your search engine ranking, so there’s no excuses for getting it wrong. Another mistake is to outsource your marketing to disreputable companies that will use invasive strategies that will enrage any potential customers. These are the don’ts that you can’t afford to overlook.

Don’t Shoot Yourself in the Foot

There are hundreds of marketing deals and promotions and cheap solutions that could turn your marketing situation around if you had a level of trust and were able to be opportunistic when you need to. For example, Adobe Spark has a free logo maker, which could be a cheap solution to what you might expect to be an expensive problem. Look out for these deals.

Link Out to Big Sites

You may be worried about sending customers away from your site, but if you direct potential customers to sites that they will find relevant and interesting then they’re going to remember that they put their trust in you by using a link you provided, and it paid off. Of course, you need somewhere to put these links. Add a blog section to your website so you have another forum to communicate with customers, and if you can’t afford to keep it regularly updated with what you’ve been up to then make content less regularly, but content that will remain relevant for a long time. Working with  SEO marketing business is always important as well.

Collaborate with Those in Your Shoes

You aren’t the only business that struggles to afford to market on a grand scale, and you shouldn’t think of your business as competing against all other local businesses. Work with non-competitive businesses in your area to find cheaper marketing solutions – for example, if you pool your resources, you could sponsor a local concert that has your branding all over it, without too much expense.

Never Stop Auditing

Don’t take anything for granted. If you’re developing a marketing strategy on a tight budget then you can’t afford to make any poor investments, so review the progress of every element of your strategy and remember you’re in charge. Cut anything that isn’t translating into more customers.

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