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Monday, February 8, 2021

We thought we were so lucky that the weather had been so nice not too long ago, and as the new year hit we thought wow- this is great, but the last week has been a nightmare. Just the other day it was -52 degrees C/ -61 F! Looks like we are set to have a week of this ice age type weather though. We sure do miss being down south!

Gerry had to re-do the weather stripping and frame around the door since our mobile home had shifted again. ( Note- a lot of the land in this town sits on what was old creeks and swamps. So when the weather changes, we get shifting. The addition takes the worst hit and we always end up with cracks on the walls and ceiling.) 

Since the weather also got alot colder, the battery in our truck died. With a $20 return on the old battery the new one was $180. Gerry decided to got with a mid price one rather than the cheapest one so as to be sure he got a better quality. At times we have talked about downsizing to one vehicle but in times like these where we needed that ride to the other end of town to get a battery, it's when we are glad we have two. Mine is a used car we bought for $8,000 years back. Its been paid off for a while and I plan to drive it till it dies. It's been very good to me with only one bigger $600 repair years ago. Most work it does need Gerry can do himself. I hear its got a ton of rust under it though, so we'll see how long we can keep her.

We have all our tax receipts all ready as well but have to wait we were told till February 22, when H&R Block will be accepting them. Always look forward to tax time as we usually always get a return. 

And Valentine's Day is coming quickly- Daring to Live Fully has a great list of 74 Heartfelt Ideas for your Valentine's Day Bucket list! Check it out!

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